Blue and white Landscape

Huang Wei’s pseudonym:President of American Contemporary Chinese Painting Research Association Vice President of Chinese Painting Society (U.S.) Influential painter who created the “Chinese Painting America”. Load [Bashu Landscape Painting Preface-Contemporary Landscape Painters]; Instructed by Mr. Zhang Daqian’s disciple Luo Xinzhi His works were exhibited in China and the United States and the world painting circles: San Francisco Art Museum, San Francisco South China Sea Art Center, California Science Museum, American Chinese and American Museum, Silicon Valley Asian Art Center, Clark Art Museum, USA Contemporary Art Exhibition at Expo Milan, Italy, Berlin Wall Art Committee Center, Germany, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan. Ming Chuan University Art Museum, Taiwan

Blue and White Trail

“Blue and White Ink” works inspired by Chinese blue and white porcelain
Show noble character
Elegant and clear spirituality
Colors and brushstrokes focus more on spirit rather than form


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