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Curator: sfmoa, San Francisco Museum of Art


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Break through the pandemic
On the Cloud
the Vivture exhibition
From reality of unique Creation
Smoothing the heart and spirit
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Art has no boundaries
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Artist: Richard

Richard Louis Perri

Born in Rockville Centre NY 1944. After studying in the Southwest, I came to San Francisco with “Flowers in my hair” in 1967.Since then, In addition to creating imagery in  various genres ie.Music Posters, Underground Comics, Murals, Limited Edition works on paper, art book printing/publishing etc my main focus is making art as a Fine.Artist. Although my subject matter is diverse and varied and have shown my work all around town, I am known for painting the history of San Francisco, and have been described by Carl Nolte, SF Chron staff writer , as San Francisco’s Greatest Undiscovered Artist” because I paint pictures of undiscovered places in San Francisco. 

I love this city, made it my home, it’s my inspiration and would love the opportunity for my images to roll around town expressing it. 

F Market 11”x19″
Rolling Lites 11”19”
Civic Lights 1 1”x 19″


畫家微子 是張大千先生門下二代弟子

是引領 ”中国画画美国“的當代中国画影响力画家。

作品被編撰入中国美术家出版社出版的畫史 文献【巴蜀山水画序】



美國西部城市國際藝術大展绘画一等獎 ;第二届巴蜀国际艺术博览会一等獎 ;



旧金山美术馆 ; 台湾中正纪念堂 ; 成都市武侯祠博物馆

旧金山南海艺术中心 ;加州科学博物馆 ;华美博物馆 ;

硅谷亚洲艺术中心;  米兰世博会美术展 ; 柏林墙艺术艺术委员会中心

无锡市博物院 ;四川省美术馆 ;北京巴蜀美术馆

东莞莞城美术馆 ;扬州八怪纪念馆

Artists Weizi
Mr. Zhang Daqian’s second generation disciple

Her works are compiled into the historical literature of Chinese Artists Publishing House [Bashu Shanshui Foreword] Research on Contemporary Landscape Painters

She had the certificate of Congressional recognition from US member of Congress for her dedication to the arts and served as an inspiration to community

Get the first prize of the American Western City ;

First Prize of the 2nd Bashu International Art Fair

Second prize of China’s first art competition

Nine solo exhibitions, the main group exhibitions and some works are collected below

sfmoa of San Francisco, USA;Taiwan Zhongzheng Memorial Hall;Chengdu Wuhoushi Museum;

Nanhai Arts Center, San Francisco, USA

California Science Museum; U.S. Museum of Huamei

Silicon Valley Asian Art Center ;Milan Expo Art Exhibition

An exhibition of art and cultural centers at the Berlin Wall ;Wuxi Museum, China,

Art Museum of Sichuan Province, China

Beijing BaShu Art Museum ;Dongguan Wancheng Art Museum

Eight Monsters Memorial Museum in Yangzhou, China

Buddha 248x129cm ink Color painting
Blue and white Landscape 248x129cm ink Color On rice paper
Tracing of Cloud and Fog 97 x 180 cm ink Color On rice paper
Chaotic cloud 97 x 180 cm ink Color On rice paper
Milky way Down 70 x 288cm ink On rice paper
The Ninty Ljine Summits Around 180 x 388cm ink Color On rice paper


Artist: Julie Huang

Julie Huang graduated from Tongji University in Shanghai. After earning her degree she worked as a teaching assistant in the Department of Architecture. She went on to earn a master’s degree from Tongji University in 1986 and a master’s degree from Washington State University in the United States in 1989. She worked as a designer before founding her own engineering company, and participated in the design of buildings, bridges, and public facilities. After retiring, she started artistic creation. The colors and textures in her abstract paintings are characterized by nature and randomness. There is a delicate balance of deliberation and spontaneity, intentionally and serendipity.

郁峰女士(Julie Huang) 毕业于上海同济大学。毕业后她在同济大学建筑系担任助教。

1986 年她获得同济大学硕士学位,1989年获得美国华盛顿州立大学硕士学位。




Untitle 4 24 in x 24 in, Acrylic on Board. 无题 4, 24 in x 24 In,板上亚克力
Untitle 3 24 in x 24 in, Acrylic on Board. 无题 3, 24 in x 24 In,板上亚克力
Untitle 2 24 in x 24 in, Acrylic on Board. 无题 2, 24 in x 24 In, 板上亚克力,
Untitle 5 24 in x 24 in, Acrylic on Board. 无题 5, 24 in x 24 In,板上亚克力


Artist: JamesSu

JamesSu studied painting and design at a Chinese university, and received his master’s and doctorate degrees in the United States. His work has appeared in many books and magazines, and has been exhibited in art galleries, universities, and libraries in China and the United States. He is good at traditional Chinese paintings, Oil paintings, and abstract paintings that mix Eastern and Western emotions, giving viewers unlimited imagination. The Root Series mainly means that the trees grow stubbornly with strong survivability and will in harsh environments. The author uses the strong vitality of nature to express the current human attitude and spirit of being stubborn before the terrible Covid virus infection.

JamesSu曾在中国大学学习绘画和设计, 在美国获得了硕士和博士学位。


他擅长传统的中国画,具象作品,和混合东西方的抽象绘画, 给了观众以无限想象空间。

树根系列主要表示林木在恶劣环境下, 以坚强的生存力和意志来倔强地生长。


Tree Root 1, 20” x27” Ink on Paper 树根系列 1, 20” x27” 纸本水墨

Tree Root 2, 20” x27” Ink on Paper. 树根系列2, 20” x27” 纸本水墨。
Tree Root 3, 20” x27” Ink on Paper. 树根系列3, 20” x27” 纸本水墨。
Tree Root 4, 20” x27” Ink on Paper. 树根系列4, 20” x27” 纸本水墨。
Tree Root 5, 20” x27” Ink on Paper. 树根系列5, 20” x27” 纸本水墨。

雲 上 展 新 春 話 語

【疫情中的藝術家】- C GROUP雲上展

再次延後【疫情中的藝術家】 實體畫展


Sponsor: Baobichen Foundation
Curator: sfmoa, San Francisco Museum of Art


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